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Turbine cold startup

Checks before start-up

1.     If Turbine is tripped for more than 72 Hrs & flange temperature Less than 40°C then cold rolling to be done depending upon the criteria’s as mentioned this SOP

2.       Ensure no permit to work is pending
3.        No man is working on any equipment.
4.     Ensure that the main power supply and control power supply of all motorized valve is healthy.
5.       Ensure that all HT motors megger value is normal.
6.       Ensure the Turbine Generator is ready to put into Service.
7.       Take clearance from Respective Departments.
8.       Ensure that anyone Boiler is in Service & Steam is charged up to MS-04.
9.       Ensure Lube oil Tank level >60%
10.   Ensure that the TG is in barring & rotating at 80 to 85 RPM.
11.   Ensure Control oil Tank level >60%
12.   Ensure One CEP is in service
13.   Ensure that MS-04 before the drain is open.
14.   Ensure CCW & ACW pumps are in service.

Permissive for start-up

1.       All Fan Start permissive coming from MCC.
2.       Any Bearing temp. Not very high (< 90oc).
3.       Motor winding temp. Not very high (< 125oc).
4.       Hot well Level normal   (>275 mm).
5.       Deaerator level normal (>1250 mm).
6.       Emergency local push button to be released in T.G Desk.
Operating Procedure.

Turbine cold startup
Start the oil system. 

Release condition for the Start SFG oil system.  
§  Ensure Lube oil tank level >min. (60%).
§  Ensure DCEOP no MCC failure.
§  Ensure Control oil tank level >min. (60%). 
§  Ensure oil heater in an auto.
§  After checking the Release SFG oil system gives ON command to it.
§  Preselected oil vapor extraction fan is on.
§  When oil temperature >10°C DCEOP on.
§  When lube oil pressure >0.9bar DCEOP off.
§  Preselected Auxiliary oil pumps on.
§  Preselected control oil pump on.
§  Preselected control oil recirculation pump on.

Start Turning gear.

§  Release condition for Start FG Turning Gear.  
·   Ensure Lube oil pressure > 1bar.
§  Turbine axial shift < ± 0.6mm.
§  Ensure DC EOP/AOP is a running condition.
§  Ensure AC JOP not in local.
§  After checking the Release SFG Turning gear gives ON command to it.
§  DC JOP on
§  Turning gear auto on.
§  AC JOP on & DC JOP off.

Start CEP

§  Release condition for Start SFG Condensate Unit.  
§  Ensure Hot well level >75mm.
§  Ensure CEP 1 & 2 suction strainer drain & vent closed.
§  Ensure CEP 1 & 2 canister vent to condenser manual valve open.
§  After checking the Release SFG Condensate unit gives ON command to it.
·         Ensure the SJAE vent valve opens.
§  Ensure Hot well level control valve in an auto.
§  Ensure CEP minimum recirculation control valve in an auto.
§  Ensure SJAE valve 1 or 2 open.
§  Ensure CEP 1 & 2 suction valve open.
§  Ensure CEP 1 & 2 solenoid valve to discharge header drain open.
§  Preselected CEP is on.
§  When CEP discharge header pressure >12 bar
§  CEP discharge valve open.
·         Ensure the SJAE vent valve close.

 Turbine Rolling Procedure Manual

Steam Charging to Auxiliary Steam & Gland Sealing:

      • Ensure that Both Auxiliary Lines after control valve manual valves are open.
      • Ensure that preselected Auxiliary drains are open.
      • Ensure that Both Auxiliary Lines spray control valve after & before manual valves are open.
      • Auxiliary Steam Controller get ON at Main Steam Pressure > 70 Kg/cm2 &           Temperature >470°C
      • After checking the Release is SFG Auxiliary Steam gives ON command to it.
      • Gradually Increase the Pressure of Auxiliary header to 11 to 13 kg/cm2 & control the temperature 250°C.
      • Auxiliary Steam pressure & temperature controller kept in auto mode at pressure set point 11Kg/cm² & temperature set point 250°C.
      • Throttle the drains if required temperature is achieved.
      • Manual isolation before & after Gland sealing control valve open.
      • Drain valve before & after Gland sealing control valve open.
      • Bypass MOV of Gland sealing supply control valve close.
      • Ensure Sealing Steam TG LP side drain open.
      • Ensure GSC drain open to atmosphere & close to condenser.
      • Ensure SFG Drains is ON & Turbine speed ≥ 4 rpm
      • Sealing Steam Controller gets ON at Temp>295°C & Pressure>7 Kg/cm2
      • Ensure Difference of Inner casing Temp & Sealing supply Temp ≤ 80°C.
      • After Checking the release of SFG Gland sealing give ON command to it.
      • Gradually Increase the Pressure of gland sealing to 50gm/cm2 & control the temperature 230°C
      • Throttle the drains if required temperature is achieved.
      • Sealing Steam Pressure & temperature controller kept in auto mode at pressure set point 50 g/cm² & temperature set point 250°C.


a.       Ejector line second stage drain is through to condenser.
b.      Ejector second stage drains to the atmosphere for both ejectors are closed.
c.       The main ejector & starting ejector steam valve is closed.
d.      The air valve of all the ejectors is closed.
e.      Vacuum breaker & its manual isolation valve are opened.
f.        Ensure Condensate Inlet & outlet valve of both ejectors is opened & the bypass valve is closed.
g.       Release condition for SFG Evacuation is Auxiliary steam Press>10 Kg/cm2, SFG Ejector 1&2 Off & SFG Sealing steam ON.
h.      Select the Ejector group in FG.
i.        Give ON command to SFG Evacuation.
j.        Starting Ejector motorized valve will open at the meantime Auxiliary steam CV to be increased to maintain the Aux. Steam header pressure to 12 Kg/cm2
k.       Then the Starting Ejector air valve will open & vacuum will start developing.
l.        Close the Vacuum breaker with proper water sealing into it.
m.    Ensure HPBP Tank level >95%.
n.      Ensure HPBP spray line After & Before the manual valve in open condition.
o.      Ensure BFP pressure >90 kg/cm2.
p.      Ensure to select one of HPBP oil pump.
q.      Release condition for SFG Bypass is condenser vacuum<-700 g/cm2, FG condensate ON & HPBP station NO trip.
r.        To Start SFG Bypass click Button in TCC after opening the bypass manual drain valve.
s.       The preselected HPBP oil pump will start & if oil pressure <100 bar both pumps will start after achieving the 180 bar pressure unselected pump will stop.
t.        HPBP pressure main valve open & temperature controller ON.
u.      At Vacuum <-700g/cm2 open the HPBP to 15% for taking the Running Ejector in service.
v.       Preselected Ejector steam valve will open at the meantime Auxiliary steam CV to be increased to maintain the Aux. Steam header pressure to 12 Kg/cm2.
w.     The preselected Ejector air valve will open.
x.       Starting the Ejector air valve will close & then it's steam line motorized valve will close.
y.       Ensure SFG Drains is ON & check all drains valves opened.

Turbine Rolling:

                                            i.      Reset the 86G, 86U & 86T.
                                          ii.      Ensure all alarms were reset.
                                        iii.      The generator is ready for rolling.
                                         iv.      All bearing Temperatures & Vibration are normal.
                                           v.      Lube oil Pressure>2.0 kg/cm2 & Temp<46 deg C.
                                         vi.      Preselected COP is in Service with control oil pressure > 120 kg/cm2 & stand by the pump is ready to start the solenoid of safety block is OFF.
                                       vii.      Ensure MS-04 before & after the drain was open.
                                     viii.      Release for Turbo set ON is turbine speed >4rpm, SFG sealing steam ON, SFG evacuation ON, Condensate pump-1 or 2 ON.
                                         ix.      When giving ON Command to FG Turbo set, SFG Live Steam & SFG Turbine gets ON.
                                           x.      Ensure MS pressure>70 kg/cm2 & Temp>470 deg C.
                                         xi.      Ensure all Drains turbine drain 1 & 2, ESV Drains, CV drains & extraction drains are open.
                                       xii.      Live steam Prewarming gets ON (SLD).
                                     xiii.      On prewarming MS-04 bypass, The valve will open.
                                     xiv.      Check for Release in SFG Turbine.
                                       xv.      Ensure Live Steam pressure before ESV is in between 8 to 12 kg/cm2.
                                     xvi.      ESV will open after prewarming finish.
                                   xvii.      MS-04 main valve will open slowly & TG Control valves will open, then barring gear disengaged & TG RPM starts increasing. Observe the TG ramp up speed carefully.
                                 xviii.      After MS-04 fully opened MS-04 Bypass will get close.
                                     xix.      JOP will Auto-stop at TG RPM 300.
                                       xx.      All TG parameter to be observed carefully during the TG RMP ramp up.
                                     xxi.      According to SLD TG RPM will get hold on 1470-1490rpm for 25 mins (1500 Sec) for Soaking and note the Inner & Outer casing Temp. On SLD.
                                   xxii.      After completing the first Soaking time CV opening slightly increases to ramp up the TG RPM to next Soaking point i.e 2880 RPM for 25 Min (1500 Sec) and note the Inner & Outer casing Temp. On SLD.
                                 xxiii.      At 2700 RPM (45 Hz) Gen. Excitation Field Breaker gets close.
                                  xxiv.      After completing the second soaking time check for SLD release for Gen Synchronization.

Checks during running

1.       Monitor Turbine
 parameters during rolling & normal operation
2.       Check Lube oil system, bearing metal temperature etc.
3.       Check control oil system, control valves reference & feedback position.
4.       Check VACCUM
5.       Check generator parameters

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