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How to start CEP (Condensate extraction pump)

 Condensate extraction pump starting the procedure -

How to start CEP (Condensate extraction pump)


Ensure following (pre-start checks)

1. Ensure no permit pending.
2. Hotwell drain is closed and the level is greater than normal. To be ensured from local hot well gauge glass & compare with control room Indication.
3. The suction valve & its equalizing valves are in open condition.
4. CEP discharge header vent to condenser manual valves (after solenoid valve) is open.
5. The pump is primed &air is released through canister vent.
6. The recirculation valve is open & is in auto control mode.
7. The oil level of bearing o.k.
8. Field instruments root valves are normalized, e.g. Discharge pressure switch & DP switch across suction strainer, etc.
9. Air & electric supply for the control system is available.
10. The electric supply is available for the pump and discharge valves.
11. Suction strainer drain &vents are in closed condition.
12. A local stop push button is released.
13. Hotwell level control valve is in an auto.
14. Condensate air vents at ejector (SJAE and GSE) are opened.

Line up the following valves for putting the pump in recirculation running

1. Main condensate i/l &   o/l valve to SJAE-1& SJAE-2, GSE, LP heater-1, and LP heater-2.
2. Isolating valves of the recirculation valve.
3. Isolating valves of emergency hotwell level control valve lca30aa501.
4. Isolating valves of the hotwell level control valve.
5. Condensate line isolating valve at deaerator.
6. Keep the recirculation valve   100% opened and hotwell level control valve lca30aa502 and emergency hot well cv 100% closed.

Starting of CEP

 The CEP can be started manually or from FG condensate.  to start the cep from the function group
    # Ensure that start permissive is release.
# Select the pump to be started.
# Give start (on) command to function group condensate or auto command from the function group
The condenser will start on a cycle of FG condensate. 
# Ensure the discharge header drain solenoid for the pump opens
# Pre-selected pump starts on auto.
# Ensure the discharge valve bypass and then its main valve opens in an auto.
# Point no. 6 complete the on a cycle of condensate.
# After adequate venting close the locally opened drains of condensate line.
# To start the pump manually, give the start command manually and carry out the other operation manually which are done in auto mode from FG condensate.

After start checks

1. Discharge pressure.
2. Suction pressure.
3. DP across the suction strainer.
4. Motor winding & bearing temperature.
5. Vibration (pump & motor)
6. Motor current.
7. Hot well level.
8. Bearing oil level.


1 It allows any leakage on the suction side.
2. Open any valve, flange in the suction side.
3. Allow p/p to run with protection/ interlock bypassed.

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